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February 08, 2008


Lisa Tanner

your hair is fabulous - love it and i love opi polish - their names are the best. my all time favorite is "i'm not really a waitress" and I love "vampire state building" - a good dark bloody red!! :) Glad you have such a good day all for you!!


hey.... very cute hair.....

we all need a day for just us..... so good for you!!!


I LOVE the new hair! Very chic, very you. :) The nail polish is super cute too- I need a pedi day soon I think! ;)

katie m.

love the hair M. - very cha cha
aw hell, i even love the pedi


Thanks for sharing such a nice story.

Your high cheekbones and lovely pedicure (really long and beautiful 2nd and 3rd toes) ALONG with your auburn hair all add up to - "a beautiful woman".

I hope you are as happy on the inside as you appear to be on the outside.

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