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October 15, 2008


lisa tanner

me me me!!


Sounds like something I need to read - this coming from Teenaged Super Christian #2 who is currently un-churched, essentially. Sad.


I have the bookmark, all I am missing is the book (lol).


Oh, please. I need a new book...I just finished Jesusland you so generously lent me...Gosh, I'd hate to have to read The Graduate or Fear and Loathing AGAIN.

Kathy G

Hummm....could be for me and maybe not....compared to the likes of David Sedaris, whom I LOVE. This past Teenage SuperChristian and NOW, yes by big strong choice, a very LIBERAL Jew.


I didn't know that this was Jessica's dh! Sounds like a great book! And I hear what you mean about how church in your youth can really mess, I mean shape you. I grew up in Dallas at a "Bible" church that was probably more conservative than a Southern Baptist church could ever be! How I hated everything that came out of there! But, it probably had more of an effect on me than I would have liked. Ok...sorry for the novel.

katie m.

oh we TOTALLY need to have "church" conversation ... when do you have a free month?
k ;)


You know I need this book, right?

P.S. Forgot to mention- have you read Blue Like Jazz yet? It's a good read- add it to your list if you haven't. :)


I'm really looking forward to reading Churched. Of course many passages have been read aloud to me already, but they were very funny, and I will enjoy them again:)

and Phil McGraw...you're kidding, right?


“Are you gonna eat your tots?”
Mandy, i love your blog. just now when i clicked your link to dooce, i was struck by the irony. i was going to cut and paste heather's diary entry; but right now i have to keep it extra upbeat and superficial instead!
“Sorry. I get confused sometimes.”


Since I was part of the Baptist College experience-and a few other really NON-BAPTIST experiences-(I won't give details)I do feel I must be the most worthy Winner of the book...Plus, all that growing up Baptist stuff is like you're "singing to the choir" girl...
Love ya, Your ex-baptist,now a "blue dot" friend!:)

Kathy Pride

Hi all,
Mandy, your conversation about Churched got such rave reviews from MPT that I had to jump over and read it. I will be posting my conversation about Churched tonight, and there are far fewer readers commenting on my blog, so come on over and visit me for your chance to win. I will be drawing from my commenters on Saturday morning.
I am a forty something lover of Jesus and disdainer of legalistic tell me how I should believe in God and worship rules...come over and get a slice of my life!

Susie Bosch

Sounds like a good book! Unfortunately I did not grow up consistantly going to church, but wanted to go. So, pick me!

Katie Burnett

Wowza. I want to read this book. don't we all grow up this way? I mean, I think parents are so protective of their children that they go way overboard with the church thing...thinking thats the antidote to all the bad things in the world. Then you grow up, and you have to decide for yourself what you believe. Then you have real faith.


Being raised in the Church of Christ has got to get me something (besides deprogramming and therapy)! Pick me please.


I grew up in a mexican southern baptist church! You would be suprised but they do exist, so just imagine all the confusing self discovery I am having to go through.

Amy S

I wanna read this book too :)

Judy in Huntsville [AL]

I'd love to the read the book and hear his take on things - I, too, grew up in the SBC, ended up questioning my beliefs, attending an LDS university and coming to terms with WHAT I believe and WHY I believe it - not just because my parents did afterall.

Judy in Huntsville [AL]

I'd love to the read the book and hear his take on things - I, too, grew up in the SBC, ended up questioning my beliefs, attending an LDS university and coming to terms with WHAT I believe and WHY I believe it - not just because my parents did afterall.


It's like the answer to my prayers. I've been confused about so many things lately...been trying to find some source to get some answers from....I even spent all Tuesday online trying to see if I could find some sort of literature to help me sort some things out, not knowing this would only confuse me some more. So frustrating... It's a blessing to have found my way to yor blog today. I would love to win it!

Melinda W

Hey Mandy!
Thanks for this opportunity. My DH and I grew up in a SBC (& my hubby is from Michigan and went to SBC up there) also and we are both very involved and raised our children that way (even though we did the "young adults stay away from church" approach until children years). As they have gotten older and are now going through college, we have told them that even though they are christains, they need to know why they believe the way they do and need to find their own way of worship, not just what their parents have taught them. So . . . I would love to win and see what matthew's prospective is because I have this feeling that it must be a whole lot like mine!
Thanks again!

Michelle W.

Hi...pick me...leave me alone...lol!!

Just found your blog through Virginia. Would *love* to get a copy of this book. I've had issues with faith/religion/blah blah blah. I grew up Catholic only it wasn't really reinforced in the home, left for a while, as an adult found a great church only to be tranferred. Found another great church only to be transferred AGAIN. It took us a year and a half to find a good one where we are now. Not too many Catholic churches in GA!! It's hard to find one that has just the right balance. It's frustrating at times but once you find it, it makes all the difference. Especially if your kids are happy, too, and feel like they're part of a family and not just a nuisance.

Anyway, I could go on and on. Thanks for the giveaway :)


Mandy, they way you put it is great!

I, on the other hand, did NOT grow up in church at all. Got saved at 21. So, I have a little more liberal mind, just on the whole thing.

I like it.

Can't wait to read the book!


What the hell? I remember the day when I automatically got the books you had just read. That reminds me... I think I have some of your books packed in a box somewhere. Maybe I should return those first, before I complain too much.

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