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January 07, 2009



I just read that during that meeting Bill Clinton said to GWB, "I just love that rug" and I thought that was very funny for some reason. It's been a long day Mandy.


I read somewhere that Bill clinton said to GWB, "I just love that rug" and I thought that was very funny. Its been a long day Mandy.


Great. Two posts.

more animals


that was supposed to be a cool Cheezburger link....


Wow! Four comments from Noele in one day! I am honored. :)


Great photo, and I am very hopeful, too. And I'm enjoying the newfound optimism. And it's always good to read a commnet (or four) from Noele :)


actually, it's always good to read a comment (or four) from Noele :)...I don't know anything about a commnet...

Katie burnett

Awwww. Look how short Jimmy Carter is.


I love this pic (and I'm always hopeful...well, most of the time), but Mandy could you perhaps do something about the red and blue ties with the navy suits (lol)? Does the president have a stylist? If so they need to update. Or hire you! Hoping that wasn't to un-nice. I really do love the picture and the thought of them all getting together.


This picture does inspire hope. That these five can get together with no regard for the political affiliation-tie color correlation is a good sign. I do kinda want to bring Obama, Bush 1, Bush 2 and Clinton over and remind them that they should invite little Jimmy over to play with them too though.

katie m.

(bon katie katie)


SUPER PICURE! Yes, that does give me so much hope...hope we can overlook our party leanings and do what is right for the USA and its peps! And from another great American "cant we all just get along?"


I love love love Bon Qui Qui.........is that what you had said?!!!!!!!!!!!

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