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I'm a 40-something smarty pants with varying degrees of concern for current affairs and political issues. I've decided my political and religious beliefs are just not that interesting (and neither are yours, really), so I focus instead on my spontaneous thoughts about the everyday things in life.

I'm married, have two dogs, and work at a university. I'm also a doctoral student in a higher ed administration program at the university where I work. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up, but I'm having a great time testing out all of my options.

I enjoy scrapbooking (yes, it's a very hip thing to do these days), reading, writing and taking photos. I'm going to make it big someday when I combine all of that into one big project that will sweep the nation and secure a spot on Oprah's couch. Until then, I press on.

I have lots of friends who have lots of friends, so I'm what some would call "well-connected." But, I'm just as happy sitting on my sofa watching bad TV with my cutie-pie husband as I am rubbing elbows at haughty social gatherings.

Other than the occasional rant about my Starbucks experiences, I will stick to what I know - paper, dogs, friends, photos and words.


Not in any particular order: scrapbooking, reading (books, blogs, twitter), photography, writing, decorating, doting over my dogs, hanging out with my husband, spoiling my nieces and nephews.