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January 31, 2007



I'm super-curious to know what time it was that you woke up and wrote this post - there's a specific cycle of brain activity that results in waking up profoundly alert and connected to your higher self, your intuition, your spirit guides - whatever form that voice takes in your experience.

It's usually 3am to 5am, and tends to be a repetitive, consistent, much smaller window, depending on the individual.

I hypothesize that there are two overlapping phenomena going on when this happens for writers in particular.

These moments often feature memories recalled in great, emotion-rich detail (random enough to make you wonder Why THAT moment NOW?). Nothing unusual, but certainly magical - in that they become so present and you find them wanting to be communicated, and Coming Out with an effortless grace and authenticity that you might normally wish - or struggle - to achieve every time you want.

This may be the most lovely, powerful post I've read here:

.....See, even then I was trying to make sense of this whole life after death thing...trying to figure out what could possibly be better than the life I had at that moment here on earth.....

Gorgeous, Mandy!
I bet somebody's told you before "You should be a writer!"
You think?

I know so - here's the proof.


Thanks for this lovely post! It brought back similar memories for me and the times I spent with my grandparents. What a nice way to start the day...


It is amazing where having a dog stomp all over your head in the middle of the night can lead. Should we thank Clover Louise for this post? I think this post touched many of us who had similar experiences while visiting our grandparents. And church often played a part in these memories, whether it was Mount Zion in Alabama or Oakie Ridge in Florida. And waking up to the smell of scrambled eggs and toast is definitely a great moment (with no disrespect to Pop-tarts and Alpha-Bits...they have their place).

Rachel @ Grasping for  Objectivity in my Subjective Life

That is an awesome post. It makes me happy to think of all of the time that Ali is spending with her Grandparents. . . and I will be thinking of this post when she is spending the night with them Friday night!!!


This reminds me a lot of nights spent at my great-grandparents home. I would wake up (also in the pink bedroom) to the warbly-sweet voice of my Momo calling, "Hot biscuits! Wake up, Punchy!" (That was my Popo's nickname for me.)

I was always fascinated to watch Momo roll her hair into pin curls with bobby pins all over her head before bedtime. Mom offered to use hot rollers, but Momo never was one to embrace technology.

Thanks for bringing back some great memories for me.

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