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March 31, 2007



It really was a good stand-up routine about the pollen...maybe if we ever need to earn some extra income for things like AC repair, we can put you on the comedy club circuit. I'm sorry to report that Jerry never showed during my watch yesterday, so we are still without AC. However, although, it is very cool today (almost chilly), so we wouldn't use any AC, even if we were lucky enough to have it. Also, didn't AC Dude explain that the all the AC units in our community were installed incorrectly, that the installer is now nowhere to be found, and that all the units will eventually die like ours did? I think about this as I hear all the other units kick on during extremely hot days and nights...it is very easy to hear what with all the windows raised and everything. I guess it is taking awhile for all the other units to die. I did discuss this with J. Knoxville last year when ours first died to get his take on it. He had experienced something similar (I thought), but after he led me on a guided tour of his AC unit, I figured out that his problems were internal, whereas ours were external. He had also purchased some type of maintenance contract (a wise decision on his part), so he doesn't have to worry about the $800. Living without AC reminds me of CJ dorm during college...all we really needed was a window fan. Of course, no one was allowed to live there June - August. Maybe AC Dude or Jerry or some type of Divine Intervention will have helped us resolve our AC problem by June.

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