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March 21, 2007



tell mickey i said "hi"


Flying doesn't scare me... but Mickey does. Get real, he's a GIGANTIC RAT with a disproportional HUMONGOUS head! (Just kidding, hope you have a great time.)


Miss you already. Why did you leave me here with THEM?!


Cowboy, Clover, and I will not forget to miss you. We will hold things together while you are gone, and we will make sure the house is ready for the Open House on Sunday (Clover promises to double as a dust mop), but we will anxiously await your arrival on Monday, which is a very special day for us. And don't forget that you will get a new pair of hotflops at the big tropicamex party!Depending on how spectacularly decorated they are, they may be blog-worthy:)


Oh, PJ, you should not have said that!
Mandy, you MUST please, please, bring me back a pair!!! Size 7 1/2
I am, after all the flip flop buyer!!!
It is University Day at The Capstone and you know what a freak she is over University Day. Whare are my pills??? Woe is me.


I hope you do get a great pair of hotflops...the flipflop buyer should have the best, after all. Good luck with University Day...I hope you find those pills!!!!!!!!!!!!

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