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March 11, 2007



One of the main reasons I chose to tag you is to show you off, to jump and down and say "Hey, look! Some of the people who love me most are NOT Out There!"

Because it's important for me to stress that the connections we make and the messages from the deepest part of ourselves are NOT found in a bong hit, mushroom cloud, or religious fit. The voice of your spirit is not a booming loudspeaker from Heaven attached to a Bearded Man or a Fat Lady in the Sky.

It IS more real than that. The Message is always translated -- sometimes it's packaged by your guru, sometimes it's a slap from your Mama.

I chose Mandy because there is great power in seeing the Spectrum of these Messages -- the range of the forms they take.

I knew also that it would be easier for you to transform the package entirely, that it would actually be easier for YOU to NOT be tempted to make those comparisons between the way we speak from the heart.

I wanted everyone to see What I Might Sound Like if I showed my sugar in another candy bar.

There's still a sweet spot, and it's the variety of forms that make Willy Wonka's Factory a Heaven.

The Choices of Voices. There's a Diversity Training Seminar in there some where.

And, for the record, take 2 steps away from my Space Flight and you'll find another blogger with his heart in his mouth and his feet on the ground, too:

Adam's Peace

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