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April 11, 2007



Girl...you have been through the ringer! Hope everything is better real soon. Take care of yourself.



Wait a minute - I thought I was having a tough week, and here you are living all those television medical dramas I can't bring myself to watch.

I get on my own nerves praying for myself - thank God I have you to focus on now!

I'll get right on those prayers, ASAP - feel them coming at you, little invisible paper airplanes, like a swarm of spiritual Hallmarks.

I insist that you stop these bombshell surgery plot twists! Next time you need a vacation, at least do celebrity rehab or make offensive statements in the public domain and get put on media suspension... Okay?
: )

Now, I, for one, will be looking for some gritty reality material on this blog about the whole thing - starting with Wonder - because then I'll be sure you're okay.

And I really am wondering about Wonder.
: )

I love you

Evidence now supports a theory that your family has not only Muppet but Easter Bunny genes.

Cindy Keyes

OK--I've never typed on a blog before so here goes...I can't believe you are so sick! I'm so sorry for what you have been through, but trust you are on the mend with lots of stories to share. (I loved your Christmas letter, by the way--or was it a newspaper--jingle--magazine--what exactly did you call it?) Anyways, we are in countdown for graduation here, so talking to you really makes things bittersweet since you are etched in our memories as being such an important figure in Chris' young life. I'll say a prayer for your healing tonight and hope to hear from you soon. Love you---Cindy

Cheryl, Casey, Natalie, Pooches - Gracie, Coco, Kitties - Honey Mae, and Lulu Tindell

Hope you and Phillip are ok - we were worried about y'all - love the blog - Casey, Mama Gladys, and I read a bunch of it - you need a column in the newpaper -"Mandy's Musings" (too cliche, huh?)- ok, how about - Mandy and the City - hee hee
Cousin Cheryl : )

jon clemmensen


Winston Churchill reportedly said something like this, "if you're going through Hell, keep going."

Sounds like you've been doing that, and are on the mend.

Thinking about you.

Peace, Jon C.


oh my word! bless your heart! hope you get on the mend very fast... lookin' forward to hearing the stories. :)

Nan Evans

Oh Mandy!!! Whoa woman......yeh, I just thought I was having a rough time here......I'm glad you are getting better. Take care and I'll be thinking of you for sure!


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