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July 11, 2007



I agree - The Singing Bee was a cute show! And I loved the fact that it was only 30 minutes and didn't reuqire a commitment next week to find out how it ends. What a perfect little surprise!
But did you see America's Got Talent right beforehand? "Boy Shakira" made it to the next round. Something is bad wrong with the world.


I am proud to proclaim that I am on board with The Singing Bee as well. Chris and I watched it last night and I spent half of the show staring at Chris to prove to him that I knew the words just as well as the contestants did even when I wasn't looking at the screen! Another similar (I think) show comes on Fox tonight, it is called Don't Forget the Lyrics. Will you still be friends with me if I admit that I have it set to record?

However Although

Ashley - Will I still be friends with you??? It's the REASON I AM friends with you!!!!!

Jan, I agree...Boy Shakira? Puhleez. Now, if he could remember the lyrics to every song he has ever heard, then I might like him. But, for now he's still a plump queen with a bad wig who thinks he can belly dance.


Watching "The Singing Bee" right now as I reply...I too feel slightly superior to the contestants, since I've known EVERY lyric so far...that useless junk floating around in my head has some value, if only for 30 minutes a week. ;-)

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