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July 12, 2007


katie m.

Here are my thoughts:
Your face is twitching b/c you're stressed over your house, your long commute to work, and your lack of scrapbooking/reading time.
My solution?
Go to a day spa ... get your entire body massaged, including your face.
The, scrapbook for a half hour a day and read for another half hour a day.
Then, stop worrying.
Sounds simple doesn't it?


I totally agree with everything Katie said, but I would add:

See a doctor if all that doesn't help.

No kidding.

Don't google it anymore because that will just scare you. Your doc may run some tests to rule out the scary stuff, but he/she will probably think it's related to your insomnia, and will do something simple to treat that, and you'll be fine.


my diagnosis is streeeeeeeeeeess. that's with a lot of e's. to me, that's the worst place to be twitchy...


and as for the condo fees... i wonder when it was that our condo board officially announced the new million-dollar-paving-project to the new owner of our place, complete with ka-ray-zee special assessment fees to the girl who bought our place. glad we got out when we did!

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