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July 18, 2007



Just to be safe, I think you're gonna have to just order "TEA". Of you could do like my best friend Rosie does at our favorite coffee spot (Lucy's) = "I want a Rosie latte." I even order it myself sometime. Just tell 'em you want a Mandy. :)


That same day I had the WORST cup of coffee I have ever had in my entire life from those people. After five sips, I had to toss it. They didn't have trouble pronouncing "Grande Breakfast Blend," but they sure made some bad coffee. It was a sad day. This morning I went to the Bad Ass Coffee Co. instead.


I have gone through the same thing when trying to order a misto -- and you are right! It's a MISTO, not a MISLO, not a MISALO...and it is exactly the same thing as a cafe au lait.

I learned that when I tried to order a cafe au lait at Starbucks way back when, and the barista looked at me like I was from mars. I hope hope hope that she was just playing dumb, because how can you work in a coffee shop and NOT know what a cafe au lait is??

It wasn't until I explained that I wanted coffee with non-fat steamed milk did she say, "Oh, you mean a misto," in the most condescending voice possible.

Whatever...just give me my caffeine and don't mess with me. What are they thinking messing with us before we get our fix??!

And have you ever seen misto on the menu board at Starbucks? I haven't.


Mandy, you are too much! I love your stories and how you tell them. You need to compile your stories into a book. I'm reading a book by Celia Rivenbark called Bless Your Heart Tramp, and other Southern Endearments. It is hilarious!

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