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September 17, 2007



I know what Next Air means, Buh tell Muh, wha duz Secund Dey Aur mean?

oh, do my favorite next....you know the one...

katie m.

i wil egurly await futchur funeez

Deborah P

Dis is PHATE!! Joshilyn Jackson wuz jus tlkn abt (okay, I can't do this well, so I'll stop - you're welcome). Anyway, I just learned about the cheezburger site this morning on the Faster than Kudzu blog (she calls it LOLcats). The bird picture is my favorite one there. Please continue to bless us with your homegrowns - we all need this kind of therapy!


it all sounds like pig latin to me... which i never learned to speak OR understand.....

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