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October 16, 2007



fall is in the air... the sun is in a different spot.....interesting shoes....

looks like you got all kinds of goodies from your secret sis....

cowboy is the cutest!!!!!! i could just squeeze him!!!!
and then there is clover.... rotten......


Ok, the cat is just plain scary, the dogs are cute, but those shoes are even cuter (lol). Is cuter even a word?

katie m.

Ooooohhhh ... your secret sis treated you right!!!!
K :)

Deborah P

This must be the year for making that discovery about "ya'll/y'all" cause I did too, after having spelled it "ya'll" all my life. HOWEVER, "y'all" just looks wrong to me, so despite my uncomfortableness (is that a word?) when I see mis-spelled words, especially mine, I continue to write "ya'll." Go figure.

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