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October 27, 2007



my random fact: orange foods are my favorite. cheetos, kraft macaroni and cheese, carrots. i prefer the orange.

how did things go with that skillet?


You forgot Cheez-its. They are orange. I finally went back to sleep...and last night I slept like a baby.

Deborah P

I love colors - all colors, the bright ones, the pastel ones, the secondary one, the tertiary ones, you name it, I love 'em. My favorite color most of my life was red and it's still the nostalgic favorite, but now I really can't name just one favorite. It depends on the mood of the moment. And colored glass?? I'm in heaven!


when I was a child I had nightmares about a green cow looking in my window...that is the only random thing I can think of.


I love me some fat baby feet too. Man, they are so yummy. :)

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