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November 20, 2007



George Costanza demonstrated why napping in the office is never a good idea...even if the desk has a built in nap area...

Slade | Shift Your Spirits

You know what's really impressive is that you could achieve the glorious solitude of being sent to your room at a time when your personal space was unlikely to be filled with a television, your own phone line, a computer, text messaging capabilities, etc.

Too funny. I don't think I was ever sent to my room - what could my parents have said "No more reading lengthy adult tomes several grade levels ahead of what you should be, Mister!"

If they really wanted to punish me, they would have had to force me to socialize with large groups of my peers.

Actually, I think the most realistic punishment was withholding Night Time Soaps: "No staying up an extra hour tonight to watch Dynasty for you, Mister!"

No Alexis; no Crystal; No Falcon Crest!

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