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March 13, 2008



ah, an office with a door...
a door that opens and closes =)
and the calendar looks nice with the box and the cup - that pattern is beautiful! =) i'm glad to be included in your day!


The year thing? Would drive me CRAZY! I want to know the exact date I took pictures of my great-niece and -nephews. The month alone is not good enough. Were they 10 months or 11 months in that picture - who knows? It depends on the actual day, not just the month, the picture was made. My camera used to record the date so I was less anal about getting them printed quickly and writing on the backs of the pictures as soon as I brought them home. Now it doesn't show up for some unknown reason and I don't know the date for some of the pictures. I can't HANDLE the not knowing!!!!


my goodness...... she does look like richard in drag....

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