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April 09, 2008



good times.....


that art journal is REALLY nice...I have enjoyed seeing all the great stuff from the secret sis. It was also great to see Bobbie Jo today, but I can't jump as high as Clover, either.


Yay! I am so glad you liked it! Sorry that the binding is kind of wonky where you can't open all the pages... I think I must've measured that all incorrectly.

I have loved being your secret sis... I am sad that it's almost over!


Did Bobbie Jo cut the grass while she was over there???


boy, that bobbie jo works hard....

that journal is awesome - i love just peering at all the little details...


No, Marianne, Bobbie Jo did not cut the grass...but if you would like to do that for me, feel free to come over any time. PJ cut it yesterday after work...and he vacuumed...and he cleaned toilets.

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