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April 06, 2008


Kathy Green

Yogurt makes me vomit too...and I continue to buy it thinking that if I do, I can force me self to like. Nope, it is just like flavored snot....can't get it down the hatch.


i don't think that room is that bad......


HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where did you get that photo?????

Slade | Shift Your Spirits

Hey, guess what, I've got great news for you from the realm of the metaphysical and astrology.

The New Moon this past weekend was all about two things -

1. Organizing materials for future projects

2. Establishing diet and exercise routines.

I may be out there and I am totally fully of it, but I do not lie - I've got a monthly newsletter hanging out in my email to attest to your instincts.

And I must say, I at least managed to finish my taxes, but so far I am a big bust on the wellness and beauty routine...


Mandy, my room is a "mess" and there's way too much stuff in it to really organize, so I'm stymied. The problem? A friend is coming to my house on Thursday to go with me to the Donna Downey Inspired event in NC, and I may have to show it to her. Yikes!!

Btw, if the stuff you need to do includes homework for the Event, know that I'm not going to bring photos. I haven't had time to do it and I've decided to free myself from that stress. I'll probably angst next week, but for now, it's working.


i've always thought that i have to make a bigger mess to clean a mess... but the time it takes to get it all sorted out... oi.

and i'd NEVER post a pic of what my room looks like right now, i'm trying to create a persona over here.... of a girl that's got it together, and her craft room is spotless and organized. even though i don't, and it's not! =)

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