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April 14, 2008



I wanted to be a soap opera star when I grew up. . . . you know the fun, trashy, sluty girl. . . . what do know, dreams come true!!!:)

Slade | Shift Your Spirits

Hmmm... Maybe you're rich in all the things you've listed here. Maybe the rich you speak of is one kind of rich that isn't really, deep down, a priority.


In all the "mess" you mention, there are the things I know bring you much joy -- your puppies, your scrappy creativity, your love of organizational challenge...

And maybe you don't really want to be "grown up" at all -- or else, your manifestation of your grown up self is a lot less conventional and more flowy than you give yourself credit for.

Oh, you know I know you know -- it helps me know it by hearing you describe it and reflecting it back to you.


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