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May 30, 2008



Wow!!!! And that is about all I can say to that one.


kids and old people say the darnest things....

lisa tanner

yeah - kids say some funny things - but crazy old bats will blow you away!! geez!! and they will believe anything you tell them, too. we started a whole joke about Steve from Blue's Clues and why he was REALLY leaving the show - Jason's g'ma believed us and even told us months later of this rumor she heard about Steve - the very same thing we told her - as a JOKE!!

katie m.

OMG - I CrAcKeD up at those comments. Too funny.
See you next Tuesday


I don't know whether to laugh or just roll my eyes, so I will do both. And I will say, you've got to be kidding!!!


OMG!!! You could not make up that stuff!


Wow....that made me chuckle. People kill me.

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