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June 16, 2008



you know.... i really do think scrapping is good for you!!!!
very cute photos and the colors for each page really brings out the people in the photos!!!!!!!!!!


Oooh.......Aaah........I really do want to see them in person. Let's hang out soon, it has been way too long!


Love love love it all. Esp. the "I Dig" one. Will be scraplifting that one, if you don't mind!

And the "There will be no happy ending" one really touched my heart. Thanks for sharing that one.


As the unnamed friend in the photo, let me say in my defense... yes, we've been here before and yes, we know there will not be a happy ending, but even without seeing his face in the photo, can't you just tell why I keep trying to believe? And how cute is he in that hat?


Wow, you're good.


I think that is a precious pic...You go Cindyrella! Love ya!

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