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June 02, 2008



well clover comes by the preppiness honestly... no doubt... great pics of the family.... 3 of a kind!!!!


Best song on the radio in a long time in my opinion. Turn it UP!!!! He is soooo handsome!!!! I just found him on myspace and sent him a friend request!!! lol


As a witness to the college preppiness, you could give Clover a few pointers...And, Rachel Kate too. She has '80s day' at Red Mtn Theater Camp this week...Or, I could give her some Madonna-Holiday tips...
What does it say about your age when your past style becomes a Theme for dress up??!!! I know, I know...don't say it!


such a gorgeous family, some with more fur than others!


I seriously drive everywhere in that weird daze. I often wonder if I fell into a light slumber because, literally, I should have my own lane on the interstate, my commute is so long.


Love the pictures. Your brother is a little hottie. And how adorable is his girlfriend! Cute couple.

Hmmm, maybe that folie a deux is what I suffer from. Well, I guess maybe it's not exactly the same, because I have been driven nutso by more than one person. LOL!

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