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July 27, 2008



With Bobbie Jo's photos and your comments, you really captured the current Clover "situation." And you are correct...no one should feel sorry for that dog.


pooo little baby clover.... ROTTEN as ever!!!!!
cowboy does look bigger... but he is just fluffier....
and tell everyone that the new ahair cut did not affect her mood like t use to daisy..... clover is MORE bouncey and WILD with the new doo!!!
how about those cute pics!!!!


Cut that hair off her face!!!!!!!


she is so stinkin' cute- just wanna squeeze her!! love the haircut- she must feel so light she thinks she can fly (jumping at cowboy!) LOL! Man they are some cutie cuties!


bobbie jo took lots more pics of herself before dogs...


Oh...this is great.

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