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August 10, 2008


lisa tanner

congrats mandy!! i'm glad we're in this together!!


well that is just tons of fun - though it does sound just like being pregnant. does it make you crave cookies?!!?

you do such excellent work, i'm glad you're sharing it with the crafty masses down there!!

we should do a design-team swap some day.... your store my store. but don't make me organize it! =D


way to go mandy!!!!! cute pic!!!!
enjoy yourself... i KNOW you will rock!!!!


Can't wait to see the new design team's work displayed at the new store. The walls were a little bare...awaiting all the new layouts, I guess :)


Oh yes, it is definitely way better than being pregnant. CONGRATS and yipee! I am super excited for you, and selfishly for me, because this means I will get to see you more! YAY!

Janna Davis

Congrats on the design team. You'll be great!!


wooohoo! congrats Mandy! I'm so happy you made the team! Can't wait to see the new store! :D


Congratulations, Mandy! And to the other DT members that read this blog! :)

I was out of town Saturday, so didn't get to see the new store. I'm sure I'll make it over there this weekend, though.


I'm so thrilled to hear the awesome news! CONGRATS!! your stuff has always rocked so i'm so happy you'll be teaching & sharing!! oh how i wish i was closer! the whole DT is awesome- can't wait to see all the scrappy goodness!!


Congrats!!! Knew you'd be one of them.:)

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