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August 23, 2008


lisa tanner

i didn't get to just pour over this that day in the store because i was on the hunt for something - but oh my gosh - it's totally adorable. no questions why you were picked!! it's because you rock!!


i can tell you... i have held it in my hands and seen it.... very VERY cute!!!


I LOVE this album!


you totally deserve to be cocky. that's a fab album.


i would be SOOOO cocky if I had made this album! It rocks!!! And it is SOOOOO you! Love it!


You are SO good!! I am BEYOND impressed.

You know, I used to be part of the scrapbooking world. I worked at a scrapbook store in Griffin, Ga before going off to college; then I worked at the Milledgeville SB store until it unfortunately closed down. Sad. After I got out of it, I could never come back...I was always totally overwhelmed.

Long story short, I totally get the addiction, and I LOVE your work.

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