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October 05, 2008



tiny dancer.....


Mandy, I swear every time I read your blog I laugh and laugh! You are so funny!

Thanks for the pic!

And, I will have to rewind the TiVo and see if I can spot y'all!


Mandy, would you stop with the awesome writing?! You could make watching paint dry sound entertaining and funny. I love it.

I am so with you about the thinking/talking thing. I am REALLY bad about saying stuff that ends up getting me in trouble. I feel like I just pause in a conversation so I can switch feet in my mouth.


I think it is important to support my wife and her employer, and we are most definitely in Rome.


oh...and some VERY strong Auburn fans gave me the burgundy Lacoste for Christmas one year...but probably never dreamed it would be paired with a houndstooth cap...


but most of all, it's the true love xoxo32605

Katie Burnett

First, how cute are PJ's comments? Second, AMEN on those people at the game. Why is it that those annoying girls ALWAYS wear the houndstooth fedora. That is an automatic signal that said girl will be irritating. Third, I've sat in those seats before. If I ever have to sit in them again, I will sell my tickets and stay and drink on the Quad. RTR!


Oh no....Bama. Bama killed us. I'm the fedora girl...no interest whatsoever... I'm also smart and drink in the "quad" aka the bar.

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