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October 19, 2008



Ooooh yay, I can totally borrow this from her! Congrats B! :)

I understand what you mean about music. I just erased the rest of my comment because it was basically an entire blog post, but needless to say- I can completely relate.

(And I am sad we didn't get to go to Kentuck. I am so planning on doing it one of these years when the kids are maybe a little older and more tolerable for road trips.)


I understand what you mean about the music, too; and you really captured what we experienced with the phenomenal Ruthie this afternoon at Kentuck. I am listening to "Home" right now...I just downloaded from iTunes. "Hole in My Pocket" and "Walk On" are next.

lisa tanner

You've given me some new music to look into. :) I completely understand where you're coming from with the music - helping and healing. My love for Kenny was born out of one of those healing times!!


What in the world?!?! How exciting!

Of course, V can borrow it after I am done.........I just told Scott YESTERDAY that I thought I would try to pick that up this week!

How exciting! Thanks, MJ!

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