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November 25, 2008



That is so neat! Thanks for sharing!

It is kind of neat to get an inside peek into "their world".


i see your dad had to put some dress pants on... and was not able to keep his cargo shorts on with the tie and coat *grin*

that was very sweet!!!!

lisa tanner

aw, your dad is so cute!! Congrats to him!! And yeah, you do really really look like your dad. Love the new banner, too.

I know what we went through with Cole is nothing like losing a parent but I do remember that feeling - like how in the world did things just continue when my world just stopped!! You're still in my prayers - just praying that you get through each day with grace!!

Kathy Green

"You ARE Bill Markham made over." That is so cool!!


Oh how cool! I was laughing at the part about his jackets and ties... so cute. Way to go, Mandy's dad!!

(I'm glad this little happy happened this week. Thinking of you girly!)


super cool!! he looks great!


Yes, he is cute, but you're cuter. Like Virginia said, I'm glad this happened this week. I'm thinking about you and praying for you and your family.


sweet! glad there's something to celebrate, mija -- be well...


What a great tribute to Bill! His own holiday...and a Rolex!


What a great tribute! Yes, I guess I have to admit you look like both of them :) Please know that you continue to be in my prayers. Tracy

Amy N.

you do look like your dady. :) how great for him to have that day.


Very handsome! What a great honor for him. hugs and kisses to you!

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