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February 18, 2009



I love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You have such a way with words, Mandy. And that picture makes my heart just melt into such a huge puddle.

Hi, Hank. You will be so happy to meet your wonderful Aunt Mandy.


So, anyways, here's the thing:

Babies are a blessing. Per-i-od.

God has a supreme plan for that baby, and that, my friends, is the best part about it!

God created that baby and simply brought it to being! What a marvelous thing!

Sissy......(i love that name, we call my sister Sissy)...she will be fine. As you say, she is a survivor, and it seems like everyone is way more concerned with her life than she is. That, sometimes, is not a bad thing!

You, of course, you Mandy will rock the aunt scene! Obviously, you always do!

Congrats Hank! Today is a good day!

ps: and for the record.....I am not mad!


aw- he is beautiful! can't wait to see pics of his with his sweet Auntie holding him close on his birthday!
wonderful news!!


you're a good sis, mandy. and i'm not mad. (seriously? people are yelling at her? oy vey...)


Congrats Auntie.

Carol Snyder

Congrats Aunt Mandy! Love the pic.... Hank is a cutie.... I can tell already!

katie m.

you know what? i'm fine with hank and not at all mad at your sister ;)
congrats to her and you :)
see you next tuesday

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