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February 23, 2009


lisa tanner

first - AMEN
second - sorry i didn't get to actually hang out with you friday night - i didn't get there as early as i had hoped

and third - i just got a blackberry - i may be ready to twitter!!! YIKES!!


Did you say BAT $H!T Crazy! That is the funniest expression I have ever heard! Oh my! Hilarious!

Ok, ok. Be nice.

Publix. Where shopping is a pleasure.


Lisa - you would LUV twitter. It was made for you!


yes, b, that is a funny expression...don't know why i find it so funny, but I do. and I have to read the blog to find out we have a new issue of people? i could have read something other than tom wolfe during the bachelor?


you crack me up, and since there's no new post tonight, i'm hopeful it means that you made it thru the meetings on the wings of your pending departure, and you didn't have to beat anyone down, or run to Publix for any last minute items. sending good thoughts for Wed. - can PJ please post us a tweet sometime & let us know how it went! i'd be glad to hear an update.
{{giant hugs}}


oi! i'm on twitter: http://twitter.com/queenvanna



oh! and was it the PEOPLE with the octomom? or was that US WEEKLY?... i can't keep up...

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