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February 05, 2009



No you din'nt just go Bon Qui Qui on us! I love it!

I will CUT you!


I never, never THOUGHT you were after I met you! I just prayed you were not going to be BEFORE I knew you. I never could have known you would have turned out to be my sunshine. Thank you. I am so lucky fate made us crash together, but even without the Supe Store I am sure we would have been friends if we had randomly met. You are one of the kindest people I know and thanks so much for giving me the "My Monet" gift--Can't wait to use it with you and Margie. Anyone else out there you are very welcome to join us! XOXO


Homemade, the Cheshire Cat and red velvet and only 2 points a slice? This must be the best cake in existance (or, that used to be in existance).


aww, happy birthday noele!! i'm coming down there for MY birthday, i want a cheshire cat cake!!!


I've got to get caught up with you, but in the meantime, check out the award for you on my blog! Loves!!

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