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February 12, 2009


Allison Worthington {@fussypants}

Didn't you hear me say we are all just dorks on our laptops?

Next year I will hug you & not expect any smalltalk. I promise!


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae

I was there. I saw you. And I totally dug your glasses.

I was totally overwhelmed and anti-social. You were not alone.


I'll be glad to loan you my MacBook...if I ever get one:)


Did I say hello? I tried to say hello to everyone, even though I was behind a camera mostly. I hope I did.

Great recap.

Geeky girls! Whut. Whut.


I would sell my firstborn (if I had one) for a Macbook.


if virginia won't go with you i will. i'm so sad i missed it. of course i was in new york. :) i definitely want to go next year though.


sounds like blissdome 09 was overwhelming.... just as long as it was a good overwhelming.....

Slade | Shift Your Spirits

You know, I have a MacBook, I am pretty fluent in Geekish, AND I would totally go with you to one of these things. I know it's a girlfest, but I can blend. I got a freaking Women's Studies certificate in college and was the only boy in ALL those classes. I was one of like 6 men at a conference with hundreds of women in Hawaii and I loved it.
Take me, take me!


you are too funny! i'm sure it was a bit overwhelming, but super cooL! i'm so glad that you went & learned a lot! You & Virginia will have a ball at the next one, and you'll be much more relaxed.
hold out for the MacBook- they've got even cooler ones coming out down the road!

Chris Mann

thanks for letting me know about your blog!


Insert loud squeals here. Chris Mann commented on my blog! For the love! You have to listen to his music. Go now: http://chrismannmusic.com/


And if Virginia keeps having babies then she can't go to Blissdom...there will be no bliss for her...no bliss, just babies.


HEY! There will DEFINITELY be bliss for me, regardless of babies! LOL

I would LOVE to go with you next year; it would be an honor! And we could be antisocial and overwhelmed together, because that sounds exactly like how I would react.

Seriously, I'm so glad you had a good time! It sounded like a good break from reality; even if it did stretch you a little bit!


(thanks for your sweet notes on my blog and facebook... i am moving extra slow these days- so i am taking longer than my usual 3.5 months to reply to things. we can chat on friday night! yay!)


I wish I could have gone!!!! So much fun ......my DELL laptop..yeah, it's dead, and my husband doesn't see the point in getting a MAC because every Sunday, effing BRANDSMART USA puts out an effing ad about the $300 laptops they have. Now Jonathan knows that we can get a laptop for $300, so my argument for a Mac is completely squashed.

I would have been that girl with the notepad.

Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity in my Subjective Life

Ha! Yes, that sounds exactly how I will feel upon returning from BlogHer this weekend! Yeeks!!

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