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March 20, 2009



glad to see that my favorite blogger has posted today. thanks for all the introduction/training re: social media, though I have yet to explore blip.fm (but can it be better than pandora?)...suggestion to keep you energized come monday...follow @iamdiddy...LETS GO! Also, I just found out that Yoko is following me...how cool is that?


i want to follow you! how do i find people on twitter. i think i'm revsonya. i signed up but didn't really understand...i'll send good thoughts your way monday...


clover will be beside herself....


Isn't tomorrow Carry Your Pet to Work Day? Braless, shoeless, and pajama clad sounds like a productive way to work to me.;) And for the LOVE! I had been refusing to explore Twitter until you had posted JM on there. Now I have him bookmarked. Thaaaannnnks. Just what I need...another addiction. lol.


LOL! i so agree- show up casual and if you can't deal you may have to leave early for a few more days! poor Clover--maybe you can sneak her in! i'm so thankful that you figure out what cool apps are 'must haves/learn/do & you're great at learning said apps/techs AND you write freakin awesome tweets & blog posts that inspire crazy obsessive url hopping, learning & installing for me too--you're like my own personal brand of heroin...oh wait, wrong media! <3 ya- let us know how it goes!


OH man. you've learned a lot. Some of those things you talked about in the blog I don't know about. I'm going to come back here soon and click on all of those links to enlighten myself.

I hope work is good. My day has not been the best.

Slade | Shift Your Spirits

I'm overwhelmed just THINKING about all that social media activity.

I personally feel like maintaining my blogs is a relationship and if I spend the time and energy on social media instead, it's like I'm cheating on my blog audience and going to strip clubs or something...


I'd much rather read your thoughtful posts here than have to sign up for Twitter.

Amy @ Living Locurto

Be sure to check our web site... you won something:-)


I Heart Faces

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