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March 10, 2009



oh dear. That sounds horrible.
Good luck to you, my friend. I'm sure it will all be worth it when it's over and you're pain free...I know you don't want to hear that when your head is in the toilet.


you're awesome. hang in there!


sounds like things are right on schedule..... *smile*

Katie Burnett

I'm so sorry Mandy! I know how awful it is to be in that kind of pain, but the Bullwinkle thing sure was funny! Maybe you should take just one more Lortab just for the material it produces ; )

Also, re: your last blog entry - V's book + Mandy's writing = fabulosity.


you can has your life back if i can has your lortab.


Im sorry things are going so poorly, but the positive attitude that's peeking out will get you through this. I do wonder how you would get those antlers inside the freezer though.


you know it's going to get better, but those thoughts sometimes in the throws of healing pain - "why did i do this?!? it wasn't THAT bad!!" can be so pervasive!!

in a few years, when you're all healed and the pain is forgotten, you'll be so happy you did it!!


Figuring out your body's problem and fixing it is much better than just fixing a symptom.  I can't help but question the wisdom of using any drug that's given to STOP the body from doing what it was designed to do.  Though it doesn't always feel like it, our bodies WANT to be well...we just have to give them a decent chance.

NYC car accident Lawyer

Dealing with my own clients who go through pain as you described on a regular basis, I can only imagine how frustrating it has been for you! Its been a couple of years how are you doing now?

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