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May 11, 2009


Rachel @ Grasping for  Objectivity in my Subjective Life

Wow. I'm so sorry. I totally get how you feel. We had a couple of things happen in a row last year (My husband's best friend and co-worker died and then my nephew was born two months prematurely), and we were on edge and messed up for months. I can't imagine having all of those things happen over and over.

I hope that the light at the end of the tunnel starts shining brightly very soon!!


Aw man.

I wish I could say something that sounded good and encouraging and all that.

I am not so good at that kind of stuff, I end up being all paranoid later that I said the wrong thing.

BUT you are right; you are a survivor. I will be praying that you and PJ and the furry babies see some better times.

Love you girl.


I wish I could say something fantastic to make it all better, but you are pretty strong and fantastic in my book. And you know, you said other people have been through much more in much less time - don't think that way - honestly everyone's bad stuff is bad to them - really bad. So don't even think that way!! I love ya girl and I know things will get better one day - and in the meantime, we're here for you! No worries. Take your time!


I really like that quote!

Man, you're having a bad year. I hope things continue to look up for you. I had a really bad late 2007 and whole 2008. Granted, it wasn't as bad as yours, but it sucked nonetheless. 2009 has been wonderful (aside from the whole I-hate-my-job-therefore-I'm-miserable-eight-hours-a-day-five-days-a-week thing)-- I guess you can take comfort in the fact that things can ONLY get better, right?

Either way, you're in my thoughts...


Go to Moxie.com and you'll find that quote on a magnet. Sure am glad you are feeling better and back to the blog. You have been missed.


i am glad you are dancing at least a little in the livingroom!

i love the quote!

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