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May 14, 2009



Sometimes we all just need to vent the garbage that has been dumped into our lives, and I doubt anyone here would want to begrudge you that. Sounds like you've got some pretty awesome stuff on the positive side of your scale too. Hope everything goes swimmingly with the shower.


The bad stuff always seems to outweigh the good stuff at times,and when you're having a hard time, it's almost impossible to remember the good stuff.

It's great that you honed in on the good times...I'm sure this will help push you along to even more good times! :)


this is encouraging to read as I sit here sneezing and dealing with allergy stuff...I'm feeling a litte better already:)


You are an inspiration. I love reading your blog. I read your post the other day and did feel for you. Glad it made you see the good things in your life! I know there are many more. It's just easier to think about the negatives....I am doing it, too. Especially with the close of Scrap ETC. It IS a good move for me....tennis, Em and JC and the beach, oh the beach! I can't wait for my life to slow down just a little! Thanks for the mention and the last thing I read before I hit the sack tonight. Can't wait to hang with you soon!! xoxo


Amen sister. You sound so much better. Keep living life.

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