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May 17, 2009



what are those cheese squares doing??


great photos, great event, great decorations!


you did an amazing job on everything!

Linh C.

That's an awesome shower! The decorations are so cute. :)




You are amazing.

Hey, I'm having a baby.

Wanna throw another awesome shower? ;)


Seriously, though, you should go into business doing that. Dang, that is some CUTE stuff! I love all your craftiness you put into it, simply beautiful!


Looks like it was a fantastic shower, filled with craft-y cuteness and happy faces. Great job. Gotta say, the cheese cactus threw me for a minute though.

lisa tanner

oh everything is so stinking cute!! i love the cake and the buttons and the banner - geez - it was all great!! i'm sure your sis loved it!!

Rachel @ Grasping for  Objectivity in my Subjective Life

VERY nice on the diaper cake. Everything is picture perfect!

katie m.

LOVE it Mandy!
It all looks adorable. And I, for one, am STILL happy your sis is having another baby :)
miss you!
see you ...


Hi! I came to visit you through AL Bloggers. This looks incrediable! I agree with Lucy that you need to do this for a living. What great ideas.


whoa...what a spread. I mean, you are too creative! I loved it all...You managed to throw a baby shower that wasn't cheesy. I personally love the cheese square cactus...and the diaper cake was awesome.

Well done!! :)


another thing... that little dress your niece has on is adorable and the buttons????....are amazing!

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