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July 17, 2009



Pick me, pick me. :) Sounds like a great book. And I think we are all tempted to judge books by their covers. It did take me a minute or two to figure out that was a cross. :)

Melinda Wilson

LOL!!! I am very guilty of this. Do you remember back "just a COUPLE of years ago when we were in our early teens" (lol) and we would ready those harlequin romance books? If the guy looked dorky or "too proper", I wouldn't read the book!


I would love to win that book. Never judge a book by it's cover - great advice. lol


Since we already have a copy, I won't enter the contest, but the book sounds interesting, and I look forward to reading it. The cover looks good to me, but I didn't realize it contained a cross until just now.


Are you kidding me? Have I ever judged a book by it's cover......or a girl by her shoes?! Of course I have. Terrible to admit, but I would not be human if I lied and said no.

Pick me! I'll give this book a shot, just b/c it's from you! YOu know my motto "I dont' read for fun!"


A constant joke in our house IS the fact that I am attracted to books with interesting covers. Of course the content is MORE important, but the cover is what frequently draws me to the book in the first place.

My eye was immediately drawn to the title Holy Roller then to the cross. Then I felt a twinge of guilt for sitting here in front of my computer instead of attending mass this morning. Ah, once a Catholic, always a Catholic.


I am sooo bad about judging books by their covers and 9 times out of 10 I don't like them! I totally need a good read to get my mind off school and life! I too was sitting in front of the computer instead of attending Mass this morning! I guess we Catholics tend to be a bit Lazy during the summer! :)


I wasn't sure where to go to enter the drawing for the book, so put me in.

Loved seeing all the pictures of Hank. Glad his is doing well and your sister too.

Have a great weekend.

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