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July 14, 2009



so glad to get the details - i've missed you!! hank is so cute! oh gosh - he's adorable. hope things calm down soon, but with school starting back soon, i'm doubting you'll get much of a break. so i guess i should hope it flies by for you? i don't know. anyway - love the photos here and on your 365!! and hey, i still have those decals for hanks room - i'll stick them in with your scripts kit if that's okay with you! :D and when you don't blog for a while, it makes me miss you more, but then when you do blog, it's always worth the wait!!


Thanks, Lisa! I have missed you, too. We need to get together soon. I loved your Kenny Chesney concert layout. And I got your email at work and I meant to answer you today, but time got away from me. Maybe I can do that tomorrow. I have some thoughts on your question. ;) And yes, the decals with the kit - and thank you! She will love them.


what a great summer so far!!!!!


love the first two photos with you and hank. that black and white one you should blow up. it's just too precious.


thanks mandy. needed that. was having "however blog" withdrawal. :)

katie m.

so hank is beautiful!
i am so impressed :)
did you go out and buy that 4th of july insanity he was wearing, or did he already own that?
love it!
see you next tuesday


Ah...I'm so behind on your blog, and I loved this post!! Hank is adorable! The pictures of you and him are great too!

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