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July 25, 2009



now that is just plain hilarious! i would have loved to have seen their faces. :)

Disney Cyndi

LOL, only you Mandy. Only you. LOL! When are you going to write a book? You can't make this stuff up. Thanks I needed a good laugh. If that had happened to me I would have been the one with the red face. Oh wait, that's impossible. Now that I think about it that would never happen to me because I could never pull off black polish!

katie m.

when i think "slut"
i think MANDY!


Well played! Kudos to you for handling the situation with class and humor. Here's hoping they learned a lesson about tossing around judgments and keeping their traps shut.


I aspire to black toenails and a 'slut' label!!


hahhaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! that's awesome.

I hope you're having a blast at the beach...rock those slutty toes!

Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity in my Subjective Life

That's so awesome :) I love it!


i prefer the really dark polish on my toes, and i have a friend that calls them "goth toes". and you may know that i am as far from goth as can be.

hope you and your slutty toes have an excellent vaca at the beach!

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