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August 16, 2009


Betsy Brown

Hi Mandy,

I found your blog through Slade Roberson's blog. And blogs are what is keeping me from writing. Blogs and facebook and twitter. I'm also a TV Junkie, and I've just found reruns of CSI on Spike TV which seem to take me away from the keyboard. And heaven forbid anyone bother me during the West Wing reruns on Bravo each morning. I feel I am justified in these programs as the writing is so good, character development superb, that I'm sure I am just soaking up information and style just by watching these shows over and over and over.

I'm in the process of a life style change. We've just bought a new RV and will be hitting the road soon to explore the US and Canada. Justification? Getting away from responsibilities of the daily grind so I will find some time to write. Must finish all articles, self study courses, blogs and books I have written about in my morning pages/daily journal.

No worries though - we have ordered a big flat screen tv, satellite connections and a Verizon aircard so I will not miss reading any of my favorite blogs, or catching up on my favorite reruns, or God forbid miss an episode of Project Runway or American Idol.

I have a newsletter due out tomorrow. Perhaps I should at least start thinking about topics and content. Maybe if I catch just one more episode of CSI - Grissom can inspire me.

BTW, nice to meet you!

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