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June 12, 2010



I IMMEDIATELY thought, "Chick-Fil-A or ??"

Sounds like you made a good choice.

Maybe a bangle was some sort of 80's device for making really big bangs?

I love listmaking. And I add many insignificant things to my list just to see them marked off.

I'm glad you accomplished blogging today. It made me smile to see it pop up in my google reader.


I'm with V - I got CFA but not EC!! I make lists, too. On a few rare occasions, I've actually packed for a trip without making a list!! I'm a rebel like that. And now I know that you don't like exclamation points - reading my blog posts and Facebook updates must make you crazy. Sorry, I like them!! :D
And I've missed you!


So you can be creative and ABC? Some folks won't understand that this is possible. But that won't be the only thing they don't understand:) Like V and Lisa, I got CFA but not EC. I miss EL Chico...there was something there with cheese sauce that I really liked. I'm glad we still have CFA. I'm also glad that you blogged.


Mandy, Glad you blogged!!!


LOVE IT!!! When you wrote CFA my brain immediately translated to Chick-fil-A. it's an addiction.

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