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November 02, 2010



I'm so glad you blogged. Now I need to punch you - hard - because I am crying. ;) You have such a beautiful heart, my friend. Good luck with your decisions... it is never simple. This life is certainly more grey than I would like. Black & white is much easier.


Virginia - Please, punch me. I need someone to slap me, actually. How do I get my priorities so mixed up? Thank you for being my friend when clearly, I am a big mess.


great to see you blogging again...glad you took time for that!


hmmmm i posted once but it is not here!!!
love the pics!!!
what a wonderful day it was.... full of fun, laughter, and memories!!!


That is precious. Just precious.

Gina Billy

Darling Mandy....

I can just see you in the pumpkin patch, truly one of your elements. I, too, remember a glorious autumn day with you in TN about 100 years ago (still have a photo, one of the few where I actually like my hair!). Here from the wilds of Crete it is hard to comment on your dilemma. But me being me, will do so anyway: 1) You can't make a "wrong" decision here, you are just choosing between two positive options. 2)It's always, always going to be a toss up and my experience has been, choose your path and go down it, climb up it, forge it, stop along the way, or if you see it is not getting you where you want to go: take another one (and by doing so, try not to obsess about the one not taken or why it took you so long to move in another direction).
3)Sometimes, it's good to sit down and try and remember why you chose it in the first place.
4) I don't even know what you are studying!!
5) With or without a PhD: You are my gracious, forgiving, beautiful friend! That's something you can't study.
Love from your friend in Lentas


Speaking as someone who is now and forever ABD (did my oral and written comps, but didn't complete the dissertation), there is life on the other side - regardless which direction you choose to go. Just make sure you are making your decision based on what you really want, and not sheer exhaustion.
Personally, I have no regrets about my decision. It was what I needed to do at the time. I have no doubt that you will rest easy in your decision, too - just let it come to you...

Betsy Fleenor

Great to hear from you Mandy. It's been too long! Love, Betsy


awesome post-thrilled to see photos too! the girls are so lovely & growing so fast! such a tough decision ahead of you- i'm sure you'll follow your heart-you're certainly always in mine no matter what! {{GIANT HUGS}}

Melinda Wilson

Wow! It is great to see you posting and I know you totally enjoyed the pumpkins! I did too, even with a bus load of kids.
It's a tough decision that you are facing but some of the things to consider . . . when it is all said and done, will what you have accomplished make you happy? Will it give you access to a better job that you know you will enjoy or will it give you a bigger burden if you don't use your degree to it's full potential. (Does this make sense - LOL? I have a cousin who is always belly aching about her job as an office clerk and she has a Masters in Graphic Design. . . She tends to be a dud at the party; not like you who is MS. PERSONALITY!)
Well, enough of my two cents worth LOL!
Follow your heart and HAVE FUN IN THE PROCESS!!!


Welcome back! I love reading your blogs. Think you have a lot of good suggestions from many good friends, best of which is to follow your heart. I totally understand those "pumpkin patch" days and wish we all could live them every day. The pictures are great...those girls are beautiful!



if you still need someone to slap you, i'll do it.

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