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September 12, 2012



Bahaha!!! I actually saw this happening in my head. I'm so super sorry about your fall (and especially your knee) but that's some funny shit. I've been there myself. Except I WAS in my prime, maybe 20. I was looking a cute in my full circle skirt, heels (because I wouldn't be caught dead on campus without looking like I just stepped off the runway. I don't know how kids wear pj's to school without their moms dragging them back home by the ears.) Those stairs without risers always screw with me, so I always concentrate super hard. This day I must have concentrated a little too hard and fell UP the stairs and slid back down. My chin and knees were all busted and bleeding. Not only did of make an ass of myself but showed my ass...literally. That beautiful full circle skirt was all the was over my head and my thong was blazing in all of it's bright pink glory! I hobbled back to my car, went home and got back in the bed.
P.S. I think it's equally as funny that not only do you carry around band aids, but cute Hello Kitty ones! :)

B Smith

Can I just tell you that I am glad the story did not end with a "skirt in the air" kind of incident.

It could always be worse :)


Oh my gosh Mandy. You make me laugh. I am literally laughing out loud. "Squirrels acting a fool on the Quad." I am so glad you are blogging again.


I agree viginia...I was there with you!! Hope nothing is hurt too badly, especially your pride!xxoo


OMG, Paige! That's hysterical. And it's the reason I 1) don't wear a thong and 2) do carry band-aids.


Thanks for the laugh, sorry about your knees and pride though. I think this happens a lot more often than we think. One of my former babysitters did the exact thing in high school while walking across the quad in her high heels. So glad you're blogging again! :)

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