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September 01, 2012



I so understand. I keep not understanding why I don't want to craft or write in my journal every day like I used to. I mainly just want to read ridiculousness and watch stupid tv. And then I remember why there is a fog over my brain. I think I forget because I'm so busy trying to "be" for everyone else (especially the kiddos), that I manage to try to convince myself everything is normal, but then I'm not.

Anyways. Thank you for always being so authentic. It makes me so glad to know you may be back to blogging for reals. Love you Mandy.


Thanks, sweet Virginia...I know exactly what you mean about the fog...My short term memory was seriously malfunctioning for a while. I think because I was so distracted...and so unconnected (is that a word?)...I'm thinking about you and praying for you. I would love to be able to tell you i t gets better...for me, it just got more bearable. xoxo

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